Friday, July 31, 2009

AZ Art Supply's New Location.

I took a trip to the art store yesterday to stock up on supplies. One of my favorite things to do.

The AZ Art Supply is where I like to shop. I like to shop at any art supply store, but AAS is nice because it's closer to where I live and the staff is super nice. They're a little more expensive than Jerry's Artarama in Tempe.......but you can't beat a close location and friendly staff.

They recently moved a farther. From 3rd ave & Indian School to 16th street & Indian School.

When I walked into the new location I instantly missed the old location. A lot of supplies I needed were still boxed up from the move over. It looked like a bummer.

Even though they're still unpacking from the move, and everything is chaotic, the staff is still really friendly. They are stressed out, but still wiling to help you find what you need.

The new location will take some time to get use to. But I'm really glad I have an art store to go to.

If only there were an art store that was open 24 hours a day.