Tuesday, July 28, 2009

March Madness (Art Detour)

I will be showing artwork at First Studio for Art Detour, March 2010.

Art Detour is a big deal for the downtown art scene in Phoenix, so I'm happy to have a secured spot to show in. Usually things unfold at the last minute. So this is a nice change of pace. Planning ahead can be good sometimes.

First Studio is the place where they use to shoot the 'Wallace & Ladmo Show'. The Emmy award winning and highest rated kid's show in Arizona history.

Thanks to my friend Jenny Ignaszewski for hooking this up.
Jenny is also responsible for setting up the Barrio Cafe show for me.

First Studio
631 N. First Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85003
Map & Driving Directions

DIRECTIONS: Just South of Roosevelt on First Avenue. Shuttle buses available from Central Library.